Hair Dyes Linked To Breast Cancer Risk

Hair Dyes And Breast Cancer risk

Hair dyes and chemical straighteners lead to higher breast cancer risk in black women.

This is a very important subject matter that needs to be addressed.   It is important that we know and understand why these chemicals are harmful to our health and putting us in a bad space.  Our hair products have become detrimental and we need to stop what it is that we are doing.  Black women have taken the steps to go natural and put down the relaxers.  But there are still a few late bloomers who have to overcome this fear of going natural.  Chemical straighteners have also been linked to breast cancer.  Let’s talk about hair dyes linked to breast cancer risk.


Chemical hair straighteners and permanent hair dye has been said to cause a higher risk of breast cancer in a study from the National Institutes Of Health.  Researchers have stated that the risk is six times higher for black women. It was also found that women who used permanent hair dye 1 year before they were picked for the study were 9 percent more likely to inherit breast cancer. These were compared to the women who did not use any hair dye prior to the study.

Research has also shown that “Black women were less likely to use permanent hair dye but they were more likely to be affected and diagnosed with breast cancer after they used the chemical.  The numbers show that hair dye was associated with 45% higher risk of breast cancer in black women and 7% higher in white women”.  How these products were used also played a major role in women becoming sick.

Becoming More Aware

Let’s understand that when the products are made, there are no good intentions involved.  Companies will do whatever it takes for them to make their money.  Furthermore, they will add any ingredient that they have quick access to and can quickly bottle it up and put it on the shelves.  A few months back I  thought about dying my natural hair.  With this information that has come about, I will be taking a different route to color my hair.  I will talk about these alternatives later.  When you know better, you should want to do better.  As for me, I am personally not willing to sacrifice my health to have straight hair or a pretty color to my hair strands.  

It is all about learning to love what you have.  It is strange that the U.S government would even allow companies to produce these types of products that could potentially lead to terminal illness and eventually death.

Studies And Numbers By Race

It is clear that Caucasians and African Americans are different from one another.  We have a different genetic make-up.  This study has made it apparent that black women are more likely to become sick when we do use these products.  We have to do what is necessary for our genetics and stop letting the media dictate to us how and what we should be using to care for our hair.  Just because caucasians do it, does not mean we should follow! I believe if we start to create our own habits and live on our own terms, blacks as a whole will be much better off.  Our bodies are much more sensitive to these chemicals.  We are not able to withstand the wear and tear that they put on the body.

Alternatives To Hair Dyes And Chemicals Straighteners

You do not have to subject yourself to poor health.  There are so many hair dye alternatives and chemical straightener alternatives.  The alternatives for hair dye’s are carrot juicebeet juicehennalemon juicecoffeesagechamomile tea. For chemical straighteners alternatives you can do a silk press, or blow dry.  These options are available to you and if you are serious about your health you should give them a try.  These will not last as long as the permanent options but they are much more beneficial to your health.  I hope that this article has brought better understanding and that you will make better hair care decisions from this point as your life depends on it.