Growing Back Your Edges Using Natural Hair Growth Oil

Growing Back Your Edges Using Natural Hair Growth Oil

Why growing back your edges is even a thing.

For the past 5-10 years or so, black women have suffered from thinning and balding edges.  This is a result of poor styles choices.  We love our wigsweaves and braids.  Unfortunately, if not installed properly these styles will cause major damage to the hair.  We have to stop sacrificing the health of our hair for a hair style that will only be temporary.  Here are the steps that you can take to start growing back your edges using natural hair growth oil.  It won’t be easy but it can be done.

Stop Unhealthy Styling Practices

As mentioned previously to start growing your edges back, you have to first change your styling habits.  Any styling habits that are causing you to lose your hair needs to cease.  This means that when you have wigs, weaves and braids installed they should not be tight.  If you have a headache or it looks like you have just gotten a facelift…It’s a NO! Your scalp is telling you that something is wrong.  If you constantly do these styles without taking precautions you will lose your hair permanently.  After this point it is nearly impossible to grow your hair back.  Communicating with your hair stylist about how tight the style is, is a must.

Speak up for yourself.  If the style is too tight , communicate that to your stylist.  I know that sometimes we feel that we are being a pain in the a**. But in the end it is you that will have to deal with the consequences down the line.  Remember tight isn’t right! You can’t continue to have these styles and expect to grow your edges back.  You have to stop the bad habits in order to progress.

Deep Condition Regularly

Secondly, to start growing your edges back you will need to care for it as if it is a baby.  While your hair is in this fragile state, you will have to treat it like fine lace.   Deep conditioning will become your best friend.  The deep conditioning process should be done on a weekly basis if possible.  You should use a moisturizing deep conditioner. Natural hair care products only!  This will help to restore fragile strands and follicles.  Sitting under the dryer  with a shower cap while the heat penetrates through the hair is best.  Heat opens the hair strands and allows for the products to be absorbed.

No Gels Or Edge Controls

Having “laid” edges is nice but its even more nice to have edges to lay. While repairing your hair, hair gels and edge controls are your worst enemy.  Your edges need oxygen in order to flourish.  If they are being smothered with these products, you’ll never see any type of growth.  Especially if it is petroleum based.  Furthermore, many times they are also made with harmful alcohols that dry out the hair.  Dry hair results in breakage.  So, it is best to stay away from these by any means necessary.  You don’t want dry hair, you want moisturized hair.  Try using natural hair care product such as jamaican black castor oil. It can lay your edges gently and is a natural hair growth oil.

Keep Styling Tools At Bay

Styling tools will only slow down your hair growth process.  Curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers should not be used.  They rob the hair of much needed moisture and can leave you with dried out crispy hair.  After washing your hair instead of using a blow dryer, try letting your hair air dry.  It is much healthier for your hair and you’ll begin to see major improvements.  If you absolutely must use a styling tool use the cool setting.  A cool setting will help you retain moisture in your hair.

Use Natural Butters

One of the most powerful butters that can be used for hair loss is Shea butter.  Shea butter will rejuvenate hair follicles.  This natural hair care product provides a better environment for your hair, and aide in healthy hair growth.  Shea butter can be melted down and used as an oil and massaged into the scalp.  Also, Massaging with natural hair growth oil will stimulate blood flow to the scalp.  Cocoa butter is also great for the hair.  When it is used as a hair treatment it adds moisture and hydration to damaged hair. Following this regimen with a natural hair growth oil yield growth in no time.  They key is to be consistent and results will follow.