Fast Food Is Destroying Your Skin

Fast Food Is Destroying Your Skin

Chemicals In Fast Food

We all love fast food.  The taste, the smell, the way the commercials make us feel and everything in between.  As of today everyone is in a frenzy over the newest chicken sandwich, again!!.  Many don’t realize that these types of foods are destroying your skin. Fast food is destroying your skin.  The amount of chemicals and grease that it takes to make these foods are absurd.  These types of foods are high glycemic and causes hormones  to reach sky high levels.  This will alter the natural oil and skin quality.  As a consequence you will suffer from acne and breakouts.


Carbs and grease can trigger terrible acne.  Your pores become clogged with oil and toxins.  High Carb foods such as french fries, hamburger buns and potato chips will lead to acne breakouts.  Acne and other skin conditions can cause your self-confidence to decline.  You want to fix the issue now rather than later.  Now that you understand the possible causes of your acne you can start to make changes.  As I have mentioned before skin conditions are different and varies from person to person.  One thing is for sure is that your diet plays a major role.

Making Changes

It for certain won’t be an easy task but well worth the effort you put forth.  First, you have to start by making less trips to your favorite fast food joint.  The trick is to slowly ween yourself off.  Instead of going everyday try going only three times per week, then twice per week and so forth.  You can also start by drinking more water.  Water helps to eliminate waste and toxins that cause the skin to breakout and also boost metabolism.  Water also is an appetite suppressant.  The quicker you can tackle the issue the better.  As acne builds up on your face it is more likely that you will inherit scarsdark spots, and blemishes. Using a natural skin care product will help you with this.

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables Instead

Changing your diet will be beneficial for your skin.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.  These foods will help to clear up the skin and expel toxins.  Not all fruits and vegetables taste as great as fast food but there are many options. The goal is to take in more vitamin c.  Try eating more blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi, oranges, sweet potatoes and strawberries.  Vitamin c is very important.  It produces collagen and strengthens the capillaries to supply proper nutrients to the skin.

After Effects

After a few weeks of following these practices you will begin to notice a change in your skin.  You’ll have a glow and your skin will look healthier.  It is possible that you may also have blemishes and dark spots. Damage may have been done to your skin overtime from your fast food filled diet.  At this point you want to add some type of natural skin care product to your regimen to do the job.  

wRemove Dark Spots With Whipped Shea Butter

My favorite is whipped shea butter and cocoa butter.  They do a great job at repairing damaged skin and keeping it healthy.  Whipped Shea butters are easy to use. They do not cause any adverse effects because they are natural skin care products.  The high levels of vitamin e that the butters have allows for the skin to flourish. The vitamin e is known to heal damaged skin and removes dark marks.  You can learn to whip your own body butter.  You can purchase from here as we pride ourselves on making quality hair and body butter.  Proper skin food is important as it helps keep the largest organ on your body healthy and attractive.  Try it out I am sure you will love it.