Aloe Vera Scalp Exfoliator For Natural Hair Care

Aloe Vera For Natural Hair


Long and healthy hair is a beauty asset that can totally change your looks. However, not everyone is so lucky to have naturally healthy hair. Some experience slow hair growth which could be a result of “not so good genes”, lack of natural hair care products use, lack of nutrition, etc.  There are a lot of commercial hair products that promise to stimulate and grow your hair long but they usually do not  work. That’s why Aloe Vera scalp exfoliator for natural hair care is a winner!

Aloe vera has been know for its ability to make the skin and hair more beautiful. It can be a great natural hair care product to help stimulate natural hair growth! Here we will show you how you can make an aloe vera hair mask that can be used overnight (similar to deep conditioning).  Here are the benefits of  using aloe vera scalp exfoliator for natural hair care and hair growth.

Aloe Vera For Natural Hair Benefits

Aloe vera is a natural hair care product that promotes natural hair growth, moisturizes, relieves scalp itching, reduces dandruff and deep conditions. It also strengthens the hair follicles which make your hair less likely to fall out.  Aloe vera improves the circulation of blood on the scalp and we all know what blood flow to the scalp means?!..More hair growth.  When the mask is used consistently it can reduce the frizz and hair breakage will decrease tremendously.  Also, because cinnamon has been added to spruce the recipe a little, cell division is sped up and this was also contribute to the growth of your natural hair.  Cinnamon will increase the blood flow and provide the follicles will the necessary nutrients that the hair needs to grow healthy.



This recipe is fairly easy to follow and also easy on the pockets(smile).  To start you will first need 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel.  You can purchase the actual aloe vera leaf from the grocery store, or you can always try using the gel that is already made from you and comes in a jar.  I personally prefer to use natural hair care products for my hair that are fresh so I always go with the plant.  Besides, I like going through the process of cutting the leaf and putting my own proportions together. I sometimes add bit more aloe vera if I am feeling generous.  Next you will need 1/2 teaspoon of organic ceylon cinnamon powder.  If you have long hair feel free to add in more ingredients to be sure that you have enough to distribute throughout the entire head.

Putting It All Together

 Thirdly,  you will need to add in the cinnamon powder. Take care to give the ingredients a good mix so that there are no lumps left behind. Once you are done mixing everything together you can then apply the mixture.  The mixture should be applied to the hair and the scalp.  Don’t worry you won’t clog your pores adding this to your scalp.  In fact, your scalp will love this nice little treat. Don’t be alarmed if you begin to feel a tingling sensation.  If this happens you know that the mask is really getting down in those follicles and working. Lastly, cover your head with a plastic shower cap. Keep the mask on for about 30 minutes.  To really step it up a notch you can sit under a hood dryer to add heat.  Heat makes everything better.  After the treatment shampoo your hair as usual.