Your 100% Human Hair Weaves And Wigs Are Fake!

100% Human Hair And Weaves Are Fake !!

Quantity Over Quality

Wigs and weaves are extremely popular today in the natural hair care community.  They are used as protective styles that help to maintain healthy hair growth.  They seem to do more harm than good to the hair but that is another topic for a different day.  This human hair that is believed to be real 99% of the time is not.  I know this will it home for some. Those wearing these hair pieces are spending a great deal of money on them.  We have to understand that most of the hair is coming from other countries and they are not concerned with giving quality.  Many times it is quantity over quality and this is where we go wrong.  In this article we will talk about how your 100% human hair weaves and wigs are fake.!

Federal Trade Commission

In the 1970’s it was a requirement by the federal trade commission that companies who sold wigs, weaves and hair pieces have accurate labeling and advertising. This was to display if the hair was human or synthetic hair.  In 1995, new regulations were put into play. Now companies do not have to follow labeling guidelines.  This means that they can be advertising a product as human or real hair when it could be made up of synthetic fibers.  It is unfortunate because this type of system is misleading especially for those in the black community.  You have women that will spend hundreds of dollars on these hair pieces.  They believe they are getting human hair.  These hair pieces are used as protective hairstyles that can help to encourage healthy natural hair growth.


The advanced technology that we have today allows companies to use particular materials and chemicals, that can make it appear to be the real thing.  It’s a sad situation because black women especially spend hundreds of dollars on these products. They use it to enhance their look and trusting companies to be truthful and upfront.  Today, it is easy to be scammed because of the technology and people not actually doing any research. Acquiring knowledge on the item that you are spending money on is key.

Meeting The Demand Of The People

I truly believe that these hair pieces are not human hair. There are way too many people in the U.S that purchase weave.  Companies are not able to keep up with the demand.  I feel that in the early stages when hair pieces were fairly new the hair may have been real.  At one point they were only available to those who were rich and made lots of money.  When hair companies discovered that they could potentially make more money, I believe they started to cut corners in order to meet the demand.  When this happened all laws to protect the consumers went out of the window. 

How To Be Sure You Aren't Getting Scammed

Firstly, to avoid being scammed you should educate yourself first.  Do your research on the company you are looking to spend money with to make sure they are reputable.  Second, you should always pay attention to pricing.  Obviously pricing won’t be the only give away but it will tell you a lot.  If a hair weave or wig is labeled as 100% human hair and the price for it is so low it is too good to be true, than it probably is. “Human hair”, good human hair I should say, is going to cost you a significant amount of money.  Third, to avoid getting scammed you can purchase the hair and have it tested in a lab.  The results won’t lie. Lastly, start wearing and growing your own natural hair.

Final Thoughts

The truth is if you become more comfortable with who you are no one can play off of your low self-esteem.  Be kind and take care of the beautiful natural hair that grows from your scalp. You’ll start to see how many of these companies go out of business, because they no longer have people who are ignorant to their business practices.