Natural Remedies For Cradle Cap

Natural Remedies For Cradle Cap

What Is Cradle Cap?

As women many of us have children.  We also have witnessed many of our newborn babies go through the cradle cap phase.  Many don’t know that there are several natural remedies for cradle cap. For the most part we take our babies to the doctor he will tell you to use Vaseline or baby oil to get rid of the issue. We follow their instructions not understanding that these products contain chemicals. At such an early age you don’t want to expose your child to the chemicals used to produce these harmful products.

Let’s talk about what cradle cap is.  Cradle cap is the crusty, oily, scaly patches that you sometimes see on a baby’s scalp.  Cradle cap is not painful or itchy. It normally shows up as thick, yellow scales that are not easy to remove.  As the baby becomes older the condition will clear up on its own without any medication. The condition may also last for a few months.

Natural Hair Care Products/ Remedies

It is important that when you are washing your baby’s hair, to make sure that you are using a natural hair product and a mild shampoo.  Using a natural hair care product will help to loosen and remove the scales from the scalp.  The cradle cap should not be scratched as the baby could be susceptible to developing an infection.  There are several natural remedies for cradle cap.  You can use them based on your preference.  To keep cradle cap at bay you must hydrate and keep moisture on the scalp.  When then the scalp is hydrated it will loosen the flakes and you’ll also nourish the scalp underneath.  

Natural Oils For Hair

 For hydration you can use any natural oils for hair such as olive, coconut, jojoba, almond etc. If this is your first time using these natural oils for hair on your baby, test to be sure that he/she is not allergic to the oil and that it does not cause any irritation.  Also, if your child is 6 months or older you can try essential oils as well.  Always check with your doctor first before using these oils.  They are very potent and can be dangerous if not used in the proper manner.Some essential oils that can be used are cedarwood oil , lemongrass oiltea tree oil and lavender oil.  When essential oils are used they must always be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive or coconut due to its potency and its potential to irritate the skin. 

Use Butters As Natural Hair Care Products

Shea and Cocoa butter are also great remedies for cradle cap.  The moisture will help to loosen the dry spots and if left unmanipulated they will fall off. Both butters come in solid form so you may want to melt them down before using it on your baby’s scalp. You can also massage the scalp with the cocoa or shea butter making it also a relaxing experience for your precious baby.