Drinking Water Should Be Apart Of Your Daily Beauty Regimen.

Drinking Water For Beauty

Drinking Water For Beauty

People say that water is super healthy but did you know that it could make you beautiful? Here are some reasons why drinking water should be apart of your daily beauty regimen.It is essential to have water apart of your hair and skin routine.  This is not only to keep them healthy but for your body to be healthy in general.  We all want healthy hair and healthy skin but many of us don’t take the necessary steps for these things to happen.  Our diets are out of whack and in addition to this we don’t drink enough or if any, water.  Water is the lifeline to our overall well being. It cleanses the body naturally and gets rid of unwanted toxins.  H20 is essential to our body and beauty.

Water And Skin

Water is a natural anti-aging solution.  When you consume water everyday it gives you soft and glowing skin.  H20 has the ability to keep the skin moist, hydrated and replenishes the skin tissues, when the tissues are replenished the skin’s elasticity increases. This helps to delay the signs of aging commonly resulting in wrinklesdark circles and fine lines.  Also if you are someone who suffers from skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema, it is beneficial that you drink water consistently.  It will help you to combat these issues along with our whipped shea butter. When our whipped shea butter is used in conjunction with the water you will see improvement in your complexion and inherit healthy skin.  Water also offers faster healing if your skin has been damaged such as sunburn.  Sunburn can be very painful and last for days at a time.  When you consume water you can speed up the healing process from your sunburn.

Hydrating Your Skin

Another skin ailment that we suffer from is acne.  Adult acne is very common and it has been said that between 40-55% of the adult population suffer from it.  Water can get rid of acne by flushing toxins from the skin and shrink your pores. This makes your skin less likely to clog and cause zits and pimples. Water can reduce itchiness.  When you have dry skin it is more likely for it to crack, flake and itch. This issue can be resolved by drinking enough water and hydrating your skin. When you are hydrated your skin will also be hydrated which means that it is less likely to become cracked and itchy


Water Is Necessary

Now let’s discuss why water is necessary for natural hair growth.  Optimal hydration is good for hair. It makes the hair shiny, offers great volume and supports hair growth.  Drinking plenty of water maintains a healthy scalp and keeps the hair roots healthy.  Hydration allows for hair strands to become stronger.  When the hair is strong and healthy it is less likely to break.  The hair is like a plant, they both need a significant amount of water to grow healthy.  Water is one of the main ingredients that help your body to absorb vitamins which all contribute to natural hair growth.


Dehydration is the worst phase that your hair can go through.  As we have learned hair needs moisture to grow to its full potential.  If it does not have the moisture it needs, you will begin to notice your hair’s ends will split and become brittle.  When this happens it becomes difficult for your hair to grow properly. Studies have shown that drinking water also triggers the energy that is transmitted at the scalp that runs to your hairs end.

Be Proactive

Those who experience dry, brittle hair think that they can combat this issue by taking a multivitamin.  What they are unaware of is that vitamins cannot properly activate without plenty of water in the body.  H2O has the ability to nurture cells and this alone has the ability to send our bodies natural hair vitamins to each hair follicle. Remember you want to maximize the natural growth cycle of your hair, not hinder it! I know that remembering to get your water in daily can be a difficult task.  But truly making an effort  and being proactive, will surely yield results and you’ll have healthy hair and glowing skin in know time.