How Is Butta Babee Different From Any Other Skin and Hair Care Brand?

ButtaBabee Label

Butta Babee vs. Other Brands .

I am sure that many of you have come across several hair and skin care brands in your lifetime.  Some of them with great products to offer and some of them with not so great products. You may even remember some of them because of a cute or unique name that they may have or a product that stands out from the rest.  These are all great qualities to have but when you shop with Butta Babee, you will not only be getting an awesome product but a great experience. We are not only here to sell shea butter.  We also want to spread love, wisdom and hope. Let us explain why we are different and why its  from other skin and hair care brands. Here are just a few things that set us apart from our competition…  Butta Babee vs Other Brands .

The Customer Comes First

We at deliver extraordinary service.  At Butta Babee we are dedicated to our customers and delivering exceptional customer service.Questions?… we are here. Comments?…we are here.  We are very accessible and want to make our customers happy.


Lets Figure This Out

Real solutions to your hair and skin care problems. We understand that many of our customers come to us with these problems and many of them are looking for real solutions.  When we sell you a product we want to educate you on how it should be used, how often and when it should be used and the likelihood of it working for you based on what your daily habits consist of.  We are not into selling dreams just to make a dollar. If there are other adjustments you need to make in order for a product to be more effective and work for you, we feel it is necessary to share this information. 

100% All Natural

Our products have zero non-organic and unnatural ingredients.  There are many companies out there that claim to make their products with all natural and organic ingredients but when you discover what is used to make their product sometimes it isn’t always 100% organic or natural.  Other skin and hair companies will label their products organic and all natural but you’ll find that they have added additional ingredients that are unnatural and sometimes very unsafe.  For example, I myself have seen skin care companies add fragrance and color to their product to make it look pretty and smell nice, but they are using synthetic ingredients to do so.  As we know these types of ingredients can be very harmful and cause the skin to become irritated. With Butta Babee, what you see is what you get. Which brings me to the next point.

Appreciation Is Key

We pride ourselves on building loyalty and trust with our customers. Understanding that without our supporters we would be unable to do what we love to do. Always expressing to our customers how much we appreciate them and constantly thinking of new ways to show that appreciation is a must in our book. In addition, we like to give as much information as possible about our product. This is to ensure that each customer is able to make an informed decision to whether the product is right for them and if the time is right to purchase.

We Love Your Feedback

Lastly, Butta Babee understands that customers like to give feedback. Many customers want to know companies that they are spending their hard earned cash with cares about their opinions and needs. Feedback is used to make necessary adjustments and improvements that gives the customer a better experience overall